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 Don't let the name fool you, we provide all the options for your home including anything you can imagine on the outside of your property. From patios, decks, fire places to  custom water features we can help you turn that once an used backyard into your own oasis only a step outside of your house.

 If you just need a cover over your patio or hope to build the ultimate cooking station we can work with you to make your outdoor space become as useful as the rest of the home. We can install fences or railings for security, or to just add some privacy from your friends next door.

 We also install all exterior finishes, from vinyl to hardie siding or if you want to stand out from your neighbor we can add a feature wall with stone or shake. If you would like to get a bit more curb appeal without breaking the bank try some new trim around windows and doors adding an accent every house needs.

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