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Meet Marc Edwards


Q-How long have you been in the renovation business?


A-I have 13 years of experience in the industry. I started in floor sales in my early 20's and quickly realized clients were having a difficult time with contractors and installers, leaving a mess on site, showing up late and less than perfect work. I felt I could do a better job and exceed the client's expectations. A short while later INFINITE INTERIOR HOMES was formed.



Q-What does Infinite Interiors Homes Ltd. specialize in?


A-Besides customer service, we pride ourselves on unique design ideas, innovation and perfection. We renovate everything from a simple bathroom to building your dream home from the ground up. We specialize in fine finish construction, with emphasis on quality workmanship.



Q-What drives Marc Edwards?

A-That is a heavy question. First thing that drives me, is family, Shandy and I are blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children. My eldest Riley (7) keeps Dad on his toes daily with her witty comments and almost too funny sense of humor. My son Chase (4) is a miniature version of myself, with his calculated decisions and his playful attitude this little guy keeps us laughing daily. Lastly my wife, not only beautiful but patient and intelligent, she is the glue that keeps everything together at home and the office.

 Secondly would be making sure that my crew and I have successfully created the vision my clients hired us to do, in the least amount of disruption to their lives. 

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