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Hard But Comfortable...


 Tiles are not a new thing, but new sizing and innovative design layouts, can transform your once boring bathroom or kitchen into the new talk of the town. Along 

 Large tiles are the "craze" with no real end in site. Common sizes ranging from 12"x24" and 24"x24" all the way up to the new 24"x48" are being used for showers and floors alike. This new trend is being paired with small 1/16"-1/8" grout line spacing giving a sleek and modern design, but more importantly less grout to keep clean especially on back splashes and showers.

 Say goodbye to dreaded cold, uncomfortable tiles. Affordable methods of in floor heat are truly an expense with no regret. Walking onto your new heated floors for that late night bathroom break, helps you stay in sleep mode so you can crawl back into bed and continue your night in peace.

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